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One time, home delivery, full size box. We have added this new option per request, and as a way to have an option for a gift box without having to sign up for a subscription. There is a $2 extra cost to do a one time box (without a subscription) to cover our cost of the cardboard box.

full box
one time box
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There is no commitment to signing up for a subscription, other then if you need to hold or cancel, you meet the required deadline. (Wednesday midnight for Sunday deliveries, and Thursday midnight for Monday deliveries.)

    SavRaw provides year round farm box delivery service to your home or office. Delivering to you the highest quality seasonal healthy produce at an affordable price. The thriving movement towards sustainable neighborhoods, is met with the finest local, health conscious, fruits and vegetables. Local Produce that's picked fresh and direct from the hands of the farmers to us. Thank you for making a difference in our local communities by signing up for SavRaw! We encourage you to share your lovely local food works of art on social media and tag us! Instagram @savrawlocalfarmbox Farm box shares are priced based on getting our empty boxes back to reuse. If you can't leave your box out for any reason, we may need to drop off your share in a paper bag that week.

The Local Produce Club that's making an Real Food Difference in Southern California.