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Harvest Gathering Farms is the farm we pick up from every other week.. Order directly through them on their website. Your order will come with your Savraw box. Choose Savraw under pick up locations when you order.

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Delivery frequency

Please read carefully. Go to to order meat. Order by Tuesday. We pick up from them every other week, so if you order on an off week, it'll come on your next delivery. Make sure to choose SavRaw on the drop down menu when you order from them. If you choose the wrong pick up spot on the menu, we will not have your order to deliver.

This is for home deliveries only. If you want to buy meat to pick up at a location, please request by emailing

If you are not home during delivery, leave a cooler with ice out and we'll put the meat in it. If we can't get into your apartment and there is no cooler out, we are not responsible if your meat is taken, or outside for too long.

There are no refunds or credits for meat.

Once the meat starts to defrost, let it defrost all the way in the frige and then use it. It's not advisable to let it partially defrost and then put it back in the freezer.

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