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Black Mission Figs, 1 lb.

(out of season)Black Mission Figs from Etheridge Farms, 1 lb bag

From: SavRaw via Etheridge Farms

Dried Calimyrna Figs 1 lb.

1 pound of dried calimyrna figs,

From: SavRaw via Etheridge Farms

Oil, Estate Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

250 ML bottle Estate Blend Extra Virgin Ollive Oil from Nuvo Olive Oil. Organic Mission Olives, and organic arbequina olives

oil, Expert Blend EVOO 250 ML

Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with organic mission olives, and organic arbequina olives

Oil, Garlic Fused Olive Oil, 250 ML

Nuvo Olive Oil, Organic Mission Olives and Organic Garlic

Oil, Robust Olive Oil, 250 ML

Nuvo Olive oil, this is their most robust olive oil. Nutty, pungent, with a wonderful bitter finish accented by herbaceous flavors.

Paradise Box as Add-on

out of season Mixed sub-tropical fruits and avocados. Will sometimes include rare fruits, such as jaboticaba berries, babaco papaya, and surinam cherries. The fruits will vary as they are available. If you have any questions as to what is currently in season, give

Topanga Olives

Topanga Olives! Bringing the flavor of Topanga to your door. Topanga's clean air and magical forest setting, makes for a divine olive experience. As local as can be.

Walnuts in Shell, 1 lb.

Organic Walnuts in Shells from Etheridge Farm

From: SavRaw via Etheridge Farms