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Soup Sorceress provides soups made with the highest integrity ingredients. Support small farmers and get your soups delivered.

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Delivery frequency

Get your soups delivered weekly, flavors change based on the seasons and what our small farmers provide. The price includes $5 for delivery, if you don't already get a farm box. If you want to add more then 1 soup, you can add more when you go into your membership dashboard, and click on add add ons. They are $9 each. They are delivered frozen, so you can buy more then one at a time and store them in your freezer, which makes the delivery fee manageable.

The soups are made with the highest integrity of ingredients. Small farmers who care about soil health and the environment. That means the soups have better nutrients! There are added benefits, superfoods like chaga mushroom powder, or suma root powder. We're used to seeing superfoods made in juices, but we add them in a healthy soup, making it affordable.

To see examples of soup flavors, visit us on instagram, @soupsorceresskali, and check out

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